Ministry Increases in the Village of Seleus Through First Step Program

In December of last year, Casa Vietii was asked  to come to the village of Seleus to assist with acquiring proper IDs for several women  through our First Step Program. Many of the women had multiple children that also needed IDs. What began as an ID Project quickly became a relationship with some wonderful ladies and their children.

In addition to helping several complete their paperwork and obtain their ID papers, we have many more who have asked for our help. In Romania, if you do not have proper IDs, you do not exist in the eyes of the government and your children cannot attend school without their birth certificates.

Also, many of the ladies need assistance for some medical procedures. We have helped 6 women to receive medical help and have 25  others waiting for us to make arrangements with the doctors since they cannot afford medical treatment on their own.

We have been offering pregnancy testing in the village and have two ladies who have been pregnant. We offer prenatal information and encourage the mothers to visit with OB doctors for prenatal care and assist with transportation.

Casa Vietii has also been able to help 26 ladies in Seleus with clothing donations for their children.

Being a part of God’s ministry is always exciting  to see where He might send us!